activePeace, or how to do what you like

At present, our society is quite diverse in projects, opportunities e.t.c and, as a rule, each of them has a beneficial impact on people. ActivePeace is one of the many projects that contribute to development, both personal and social. activePeace shapes true personalities who, over the course of 3 weeks, have completed some courses in which they have evolved.

How I learned about activePeace and what does it mean? “activePeace” is a program of the EcoVisio organization that specializes in organizing seminars for young people from different regions of the Republic of Moldova with some important themes for today’s society: conflict resolution, destruction of stereotypes, critical thinking and non-formal education.

I found out the activePeace accidentally on a site. I did not detail, did not read what it is, I risked. I’m a little worried about the “Eco” prefix of the organization that spends these seminars but I think this step was one of the best in life. A brief interview, an affirmative answer, and I’m looking at the coach that was supposed to go to Lalova (a really nice little village where you want to go back and forth). There I met some charismatic youngsters, interesting, various, with flame in the eyes and always ready to change and change.

During the new seminars, we have had some very unspecific education methods. Because of the situations we were put in, the simulation games we participated in and regular reflections, we were able to perceive the message that was to be sent to us by facilitators. In our case, we have been honored with the presence of facilitators who through experience have been able to show us “what it is like to do what you like”.

As I said, we had some special, diverse, enthusiastic facilitators with a well-defined purpose. These were the main items in our development process in addition to creating a pleasant atmosphere, having a sense of humor identical to ours and, in my case, I found myself in facilitatorism. Facilitator – It is not a profession, a specialty but it is a way of life, a way of perceiving society and the human mentality.Following these seminars, I was able to detect all my shortcomings. Thanks to the efforts of the organizers and facilitators can say firmly that I learned many new things and, in the opinion of the people close to me, I changed radically, in a good way, of course.

In my opinion, the activePeace project is very effective and beneficial for everyone. Here you can find yourself, here you can learn, here you can form. And I want to thank once again all the people who participated and were in this very important and memorable time for me.