“activePeace”-2016 planting trees for village Riscova

In November 2016, in parallel with the Final Seminar of the program, “activePeace”-2016 participants had several Networking Meetings with activists from various domains. One of these meetings took the form of a visit to Eco-Village Moldova in vil. Riscova, Criuleni district, where the young people found about the project and engaged in a big planting action, together with “Seed It Forward” initiative and ~100 other volunteers from all over Moldova and not only.

At that moment, it was a good teambuilding and networking opportunity. But more than that, now, in June 2017, we can admire the results of their careful work – trees that took root and are growing on the hill above the village, helping combat erosion and adorning the sight.

Could it be an example for “activePeace”-2017 participants, or do they have something even better in mind?

Photo credit: Sasha Nikitin, Gabriela Isac

PS: you can find more photos about this on “activePeace” fb page (activePeace 2016, Final Seminar + Networking Meetings) and on Seed It Forward’s fb page (Riscova trees seven months later (June 2017)).

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