The first year of the activePeace program

The first year of the activePeace program is coming to its end. This year the program was born and made its first steps. It was a great year of adventures, challenges, discoveries and permanent learning. We are looking forward to making new steps in 2017 and would like to thank all great people who were involved in program in 2016 and made it possible.

Many people combined different roles in activePeace so we would like to thank all (many times – once for each role you have played) those who have inspired, have worked on fundraising, concept of the program, the team who helped with coordination and implementations, those who helped with PR, design and visibility, our facilitators and mentors, guest speakers and the experts, who kindly shared their knowledge and experience, and, of course, our participants. Together we did a good job!

Thank you: Alona Karavai, Nils-Eyk Zimmermann, Valeria Șvarț-Gröger, Julian Gröger, Bhavesh Patel, Gabriela Isac, Ion Ungureanu, Alex Stacanov, Inessa Abramyan, Lozinski Alexandru, Olga Cortac, Nelea Motricala, Keep Calm, Olga Skobina, Malwina Fendrych, Meg Hän, Yuji Miyoshi, Andrey Devyatkov and many others…

Let us continue activePeace in the upcoming year!

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Executive Director at EcoVisio | co-ordinator and facilitator for “activEco” | founder, co-ordinator and facilitator for “activePeace“.