Places and people

When you write about important things, it is not easy to share some emotions, feelings and meditations. For me, activePeace it is more a live than a simple program, there are a lot of feelings that together form a family: united, strong and coagulated. I was still thinking about what to tell you, and finally I decided to write about people and places, perhaps because I was impressed by all the people who went through this program with me, left a piece of their soul at every step of the road I went, they determined me and made my steps towards the adventure.

The Program activePeace offered me the wonderful opportunity to meet people and to discover Moldova, yes, “to discover” and not to “rediscover”, because I did not know that Moldova is such a beautiful summer and so formidable in the autumn. When the right people are with you, it is much easier to travel, to taste the flavor of life, to walk barefoot through morning dew, to feel happiness in green fields, to dance in the rain and to overcome your fears. I started my journey with a luggage where you could find everything: fears, stereotypes, thousands of thoughts, and two hands always ready to offer and receive help. I think that is how I managed to pass easier and more interesting through this adventure.

Everything started on the way to Hanul lui Hanganu in Lalova. I think words would not go to describe the delicious dishes there, the tranquility offered by nature and the flavor of the diminution in the air that heals and gives the silence necessary for new beginnings or continuity. Here we also met all the people we were going to start with in a long, dangerous but exciting adventure. I analyze people all the time, so it was in this case, I started to analyze them on their way back to Lalova, then I saw Xiusha – a powerbox, always ready to help and enthusiastic, crazy ideas. That is, her desire to succeed always helped me to set up more confidently in the way. I noticed her for the first time on the back band of the bus and I did not know then, that she was later to become so dear to my soul. From her that I learned that a person is the sum of everything she wants, can and does, and as long as you believe in yourself, you can succeed in everything. In the luggage I started with (do you remember?) I have added experience, love, peace and friends.

activePeace is in my heart, in my memory with funny quotes of participants: “I think, the citizens of Transnistria are divided into 2 categories: Costea’s friends and Vlad’s friends.” The nights in which we all talked about everything, the disco in Lalova, yoga, tasty food and exceptional people. It happened that all the people I met, passed like a red thread through me and determined me in a certain way, because of them I am Madalina as I am now. Thanks for knowing you! By writing these lines, I managed to relive all our memories, I managed to relive the places with you and to understand once again how happy I am to know you, dear people of my soul.