Projects implemented by participants in 2016

In 2016, 8 participants' projects were implemented, mostly in interregional teams.

“Bring me to life”

Arina Tocan, Corina Gilca, Alexei Groza
(Causeni, Causeni district & Bender, Transnistria region)

This project consisted of holding a two-day seminar in Causeni, on the topic of “Nonformal education: critical thinking in daily life, and stepping out of your comfort zone”. The seminar brought together 12 young people from Causeni and Transnistria, and through stories, discussions and games let them know more about existence of activePeace and other personal development opportunities, as well as about each other and about themselves.

“Brain Drain”

Vladislav Bachev, Serghei Bondarev
(Bender, Transnistria region & Chisinau)

The goal of this project was to create and maintain a special group in a social network most popular among Transnistrian youth. The group is updated regularly and contains selected practical information on the topics such as critical thinking, media literacy, etc.

“Bye, stereotypes!”

Anna Ereshkova, Daria Bogdanova, Veacheslav Radulov
(Bender, Transnistria region & Ceadir-Lunga, Gagauzia region)

“Bye, stereotypes!” was a live exposition held in two towns of Transnistria and Gagauzia: the team gathered stories of real people as vivid examples proving the absurdity of stereotypes. Each story was presented by a person. Thus, the activists managed to successfully engage and intrigue local communities.

“Mind Borders”

Alina Creciun, Adriana Gorceac
(vil. Chiscareni, Singerei district & Vadul lui Voda, Chisinau municipality)

The “Mind Borders” team organized a number of sessions for pupils of Chiscareni lyceum with the topic “Reality VS Normality”, focused on critical thinking and work with conflicts.


Catalin Apostol, Vasile Iatco
(vil. Truseni, Chisinau municipality & vil. Petrunea, Glodeni district)

The project “Peace+” consisted of a series of events: projection of a documentary movie and discussions about it; charity activity with involvement of socially disadvantaged people (vil. Truseni) and school contest “Find yourself” with questions from the area of geography and biology (vil. Petrunea).

“Step Forward” (orig. “Шаг вперёд”)

Evghenii Nazaria, Iuliana Stan, Adelina Polischiuk
(Tiraspol, Transnistria region & vil. Ciulucani, Telenesti district)

The project “Step Forward” was formed of two events: a workshop on freelancing, held in Tiraspol with an invited expert, and a seminar with the topic “I am young, and I do care” for students from Chisinau.

“Two Worlds”

Nonna Mihalcean, Xenia Verban
(Balti & Gagauzia & Transnistria)

The project “Vision in between two Worlds – Conflict and Peace!” was designed to consolidate the network of volunteers from the north of Moldova, formed at the beginning of autumn 2016. So, the project encompassed the following activities: 1) training about cooperation and non-discriminatory communication; 2) games day for children from disadvantaged families; 3) a series of round tables, where the participants occupied themselves with traditional embroidery while discussing various aspects of conflicts at different levels. The project was concluded by a round table on experience exchange and best practices sharing that took place through Skype between the volunteers from north, Comrat (Gagauzia) and Tiraspol (Transnistria), setting the foundation for further collaboration.

“Young & Active” (orig. “Tineri & Activi”)

Radu Timpau, Gheorghe Taran
(vil. Chitcanii-Vechi, Telenesti district & Causeni, Causeni district)

The team “Tineri & Activi”decided to hold a two-day training for 16 pupils from village Chitcanii-Vechi. The invited experts and the organizers themselves introduced participants to career orientation, self development and self-confidence, opportunities for learning and volunteering in Moldova, abroad and online.