1. Training “Introduction and Defining”

activePeace_2016_Introduction_and_Defining (5)

The first ever activePeace training, “Introduction and Defining“, took place on July 25-31, 2016, in Lalova village, bringing together 18 young people from different regions of Moldova, Transnistria and Gagauzia. The keywords for the training are: “Feeling the conflict“, “Thomas-Kilmann Model”, “Win-Win“, “Perception“, “Schulz von Thun Communication Model“, “StoryTelling“, “Active Listening“, “Non-Violent Communication“, “Nature Meditation“, “Be the Change You Want to See in the World“, “Identity“, “Empathy Map“ and “Design Thinking“. The highlights of the week were a trip to Tipova and the negotiations game “Keep Cool“.

All of these allowed participants from different regions to mutually discover each other (compensating the knowledge gap), create the feeling of one big team and develop project ideas that they would have to implement in mixed groups – each project team was to have members from two different regions.

You can find more photos from the seminar here.