3. Training “Project Development and Prototype Testing”

Following the homework phase “Ideation”, when the participants were researching the needs of their communities, the second activePeace seminar – “Project Development and Prototype Testing” – took place in Vadul lui Voda, on September 10-16, 2016. Its goals were to check and debrief the results of the research phase; to continue the development of ideas hatched during the first seminar; to gain and train “hard skills” required for project implementation (project cycle, teamwork, elaborating the concept, setting the SMART goals; defining the stakeholders, time management, fundraising, friendraising, reporting, monitoring); to allow the participants to finalize project proposals; and to continue discussing conflict topics and trying out new techniques of conflict management / transformation.

Some special highlights of the seminar were:

  • Video Workshop – learning practical skills for successful PR;
  • The “Testing / Prototyping” process: each of the participants got the chance to initiate a small activity (not necessarily connected to the content of the seminar), to include it in the program and to implement it, respecting all stages of project cycle. Then, the activities were analyzed by the whole group as real “projects”. This way, the project ideas were tested / prototyped. This allowed the participants to improve, or, in some cases, even change their approaches / methods / project plans.

Likewise, this meeting was about continuing to get to know each other – as one big group and in small project teams – and about learning to learn from each other.

You can find more photos from the seminar here.