The Team

Photo of Maxim Pijevskii

Maxim Pijevskii

activePeace founder and main coordinator, facilitator

Photo of Gabriela Isac

Gabriela Isac

coordinator (acquisition of participants), web content management, coordination of alumni work, mentor

Photo of Ion Ungureanu

Ion Ungureanu

facilitator, mentor

Photo of Inna Gordeeva

Inna Gordeeva

facilitator, coordinator

Photo of Alexandru Lozinski

Alexandru Lozinski

facilitator, mentor

Photo of Meghan Stewart

Meghan Stewart


Photo of Olga Cortac

Olga Cortac


Photo of Nelea Motricala

Nelea Motricala


Photo of Inessa Abramyan

Inessa Abramyan


Photo of Olga Skobina

Olga Skobina

facilitator, mentor